There are many benefits to drinking green tea for weight loss, but the best time to do so is in the morning. It is best to drink it during the early morning when you are at your most alert, and around breakfast time. Drinking green tea as part of your daily routine can have other benefits, as well, such as improving your skin and metabolism. But be sure to drink it in moderation. Avoid overdoing it, or you might end up dehydrating yourself.

When to drink green tea for weight loss?

While green tea is good for your health, it shouldn’t be consumed first thing in the morning, as it contains caffeine, which can dehydrate you and stimulate gastric acid release, which can cause an upset stomach and ulcers. It’s best to consume it about one to two hours after breakfast, when you’ve already eaten something nutritious. Then you can enjoy the benefits of green tea, without the risks.

when to drink green tea for weight loss

While drinking green tea anytime is beneficial, the best time to drink it for weight loss is just before working out. This is because the tea contains caffeine and tannins, which hinder iron absorption. In addition, drinking green tea right before your workout will maximize your iron intake and nutrient absorption. To maximize its benefits, try to drink it at least an hour before and after your workouts. However, drink it before you eat.