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How Hot Should Water Be For Pu-Erh Tea?

How hot should the water be when preparing Pu-erh tea? There are several variations of this tea, from loose leaves to raw cakes. It is important to pay attention to the flavor of the tea so that you can increase the infusion time. Most Pu-erhs can be infused anywhere from 10 to twenty times. To […]

How Many Times Should You Steep Pu-erh Tea?

The first question that pops into your mind when brewing pu-erh tea is how long to steep it. Depending on the type of pu-erh tea you choose, the answer will vary. Most varieties can be brewed anywhere from 10 to 20 times, but that is entirely up to you. You can also vary the steeping […]

What is the Ratio of Tea Leaves to Water?

While the answer to this question depends on the type of tea you are brewing, a general rule of thumb is to use one teaspoon of tea leaves per eight ounces of water. However, some types of tea may require more or less tea. If you are measuring by volume, a tablespoon should suffice for […]

How Much Pu-erh Tea Should I Drink?

If you’re wondering how much Pu-erh tea to drink, keep in mind that there’s no set amount. In general, two cups per day are a safe amount to consume. Although pu-erh tea is fermented, there’s a risk of some side effects, most of which are minor. If you experience any side effects while drinking Pu-erh […]

How to Make Green Tea For Weight Loss?

If you’re wondering how to make green tea for weight loss, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a simple recipe that you can follow to get the same effects as the tea, but without all the fuss. Drink one or two cups a day for a week, and watch the pounds melt away. If […]

Best Time to Drink Green Tea For Weight Loss

There are many benefits to drinking green tea for weight loss, but the best time to do so is in the morning. It is best to drink it during the early morning when you are at your most alert, and around breakfast time. Drinking green tea as part of your daily routine can have other […]

Beginner’s Guide to Tea

Welcome to Tea Sourcing, so if you’re here, you’re probably interested in tea or you’re curious about it. Or, you’re maybe an advanced tea drinker and you’re curious to see what the video’s about. Well, luckily for you, I’ve been drinking tea for a long time and I’d love to spread some more positivi-tea in […]

Searching for China’s Ancient Tea Leaves

  Tea is the most popular drink in the world and there are countless ways we make and consume it. But if you want to drink tea in the oldest way, we still know of you’ll first need to hike deep into the remote tea mountains of southwest china and hand-pick leaves and buds from […]

ITA Certified Online Tea Course – Ancient Chinese Science and Art of Brewing Tea Trailer

Would a ingesting too much tea be hazardous to well being how do you know which tea is good for you? On this especial on-line direction, i’ll disclose the three detrimental You must watch out of when ingesting and the buying tea. Immoderate tea consumption may also be unsafe to you and the atmosphere, but […]

The Best Way to Brew Raw Pu erh Tea Cake

How to brew raw puer using the swirling water flowing method? The difference between raw puer and fermented puer, just like the name, is that one is fermented, and the other is unfermented. Puer tea is made from one kind of camellia sinensis plant in Yunnan Province, China. In Chinese, we call it Yunnan large […]