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According to traditional Chinese medicine, we should drawing different type of tea based on different phases. And how do you brew these types of teas? Exactly? Let’S take a look at it today: okay, so jasmine tea is best for the spring, because it’s really refreshing and it can help to release all the tiredness from the winter. It’S also good to cool you down when you’re upset irritate it. We’Re stressed out, which happens.


A lot in our life, so jasmine tea is very useful for us. At the same time, it also helps to improve our vision and nourish the skin. So how do we brew jasmine tea for a perfect cup of jasmine tea? The water temperature should be between 160 to 180 Fahrenheit and we can sleep the tea for two to four minutes and then next is green. Tea, green tea is best for the summer because, according to traditional Chinese medicine, it is considered as a cold food. It helps to relieve the heat inside our body and green tea is rich in vitamins, amino acids and also different minerals and, if you’re, on a diet, it also helps with weight, loss and tooth cavities.


So for a perfect cup of green tea, the water temperature should be between 160 to 180 Fahrenheit and we can get the tea for one to three minutes and number three is Wolong tea. It is best for the autumn because it can helps to hydrate our body during the dry weather, and we won’t. He also used to prevent cancer tooth cavity and heart diseases. Now, for a perfect cup of boulogne tea, the water temperature should be around 190 fahrenheit and we can sleep the tea for five to eight minutes so after autumn it is the really really harsh cold weather in the winter, which is my least favorite season.


Okay, so, and that’s the wish you drink black tea, because black tea is considered as a warm food according to traditional Chinese medicine. And now, if we’re a beautiful and perfect cup of black tea, the water temperature should be about 212 Fahrenheit, which is at the boiling point, and we can sleep it for about 4 to 6 minutes, alright guys. So this is the spring summer fall and winter. We have all kinds of tea that you should drink based on different seasons. So comment below and let me know what is your favorite type of tea and also take a guess which one is my favorite type of tea. But now, since this spring last cheers to jasmine tea, it’s really good.

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