If you want to get thin, then real, unadulterated tea is the single best supplement you can take daily. And puer tea is hands down the best tea for helping you lose weight, safely and sustainably, especially with the hack we’re about to show you. But, if you believe skinny teas and other concocted tea drinks are going to melt all your fat away in a few days, the following hack is not for you.

The facts: any rapid weight loss system is either a scam or unsustainable. You may lose a bit of water weight, but only consistent action gives you long term results, and no concoctions or chemicals can help with that.

Does Pu Erh tea make you lose weight?

Any natural tea is great for keeping you healthy and losing weight long term and sustainably if you’re willing to drink it regularly, and incorporate other healthy habits. So you can choose green tea with its antioxidants or wulong with its great catechins… But, as the Chinese have long known, and recent studies are confirming, there is one tea that tops all others in boosting your body’s fat burning process, also known as lipolysis. That tea is puer.

Puer is fermented tea made from leaves cultivated high in the mountains of China’s Yunnan Province. Not only the unique nature of the leaves, but also the fermentation process, make puer tea a super fat fighter, by lowering bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol, reducing inflammation with its high antioxidant content, helping digestion, with its healthy fermented bacterial flora… But most importantly, by triggering your fat cells to release triglycerides, which turns into glycerol and fatty acids, which your liver and muscles use for energy, excreting what’s not needed. That’s lipolysis…that’s burning fat. Now here’s the puer tea hack. Drinking puer anytime is doing your body a favor, but watch out. Drinking puer on an empty stomach, while helping cleanse your digestive tract, can sharpen your appetite, thus making you eat more than you intended to, if you’re not careful. However, drinking puer one hour after your meal will put puer’s fat blocking and burning properties to their best use.

How do you drink Pu Erh tea for weight loss?

Yes, the puer tea will actually prevent your digestive tract and liver, from processing the grease, oil, fat, whatever you want to call it, sluicing it all through your digestive tract to be excreted. So are you ready to try puer? Great! Check how to brew puer tea perfectly, but also how to create your own tea ritual. The tea ritual will be your foundation for both weight loss and mindfulness so that you can create not just a thin and healthy, but also a truly happy you, naturally, and sustainably..

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