Before you take your loose leaf tea to New Zealand, there are some things you need to know about importing it. In some countries, the biosecurity laws require that you obtain special permission before bringing certain items into the country. In New Zealand, a few common rules apply. In order to be allowed to bring your loose tea into the country, you must make sure that it doesn’t contain any of the items on the list below.

can i bring loose leaf tea into new zealand

Some of the most common items that must be declared on your Passenger Arrival Card are forbidden in the country. Untreated wooden items, woven straw hats, and tea are among the prohibited items. In addition, you must declare all medicines, food, and any other items that you plan to take with you to New Zealand. The customs officials check your bags and make sure they’re free of any prohibited materials.

If you plan on bringing your tea to New Zealand, it’s important to remember that you need to declare all food. There are several things that you can bring into the country, but others are banned. Some types of food, like tea, are not allowed in the country. These include shelf-stable, unopened foods, and unprocessed animal or plant material. Fortunately, you can bring loose leaf tea into New Zealand if you’re careful and don’t plan on drinking it.