ITA Certified Online Tea Course – Ancient Chinese Science and Art of Brewing Tea Trailer

Would a ingesting too much tea be hazardous to well being how do you know which tea is good for you? On this especial on-line direction, i’ll disclose the three detrimental You must watch out of when ingesting and the buying tea. Immoderate tea consumption may also be unsafe to you and the atmosphere, but […]

Chinese Tea Culture – The history of tea

Hani Eldalees During a long day wandering around the woods looking for edible grains and herbs, Shennong, the tired farmer, poisoned himself 72 times unintentionally. But before poison kills his life, The wind drove a leaf to his mouth. Chewed it and saved his life, So we discovered tea. Or at least that’s what legends […]

The Best Way to Brew Raw Pu erh Tea Cake

How to brew raw puer using the swirling water flowing method? The difference between raw puer and fermented puer, just like the name, is that one is fermented, and the other is unfermented. Puer tea is made from one kind of camellia sinensis plant in Yunnan Province, China. In Chinese, we call it Yunnan large […]

The Benefits Of Pu-erh Tea and Positive Habits

All healthy happy productive people have routines that they follow that put them in a healthy mindset or put them in a healthy state for me something I do every single day that is really really helped my mindset and my life is I drink pu-erh tea this is a tea that was introduced to […]