what is the shelf life of loose leaf tea

As with any other type of tea, loose leaf tea has a limited shelf life. This is because it is susceptible to moisture, odor, and light. This means that it will slowly lose its original flavor over time. Green and black tea can last up to a year if stored properly. For best results, however, you should buy smaller amounts and drink them more often. Here are a few tips for keeping your loose leaf tea fresh.

First, you need to know how long loose leaf tea keeps. While it’s generally safe to consume loose leaf tea in as little as two months, some brands have a shorter shelf life. You can check the label on the tea to make sure that it has a longer shelf life. A tin that has an airtight lid will keep your loose leaf tea fresher for a longer time.

Another tip for extending the shelf life of loose leaf tea is to buy it as soon as possible. Unlike packaged tea, loose leaf tea has a longer shelf life than packaged tea. While some of the more popular brands have a sell-by date, you can always use a month or year after purchasing. This will give you a good benchmark for freshness. If you buy loose leaf tea, make sure to keep it in an airtight tin.